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SFO Vending Machine Sells Warm Jackets To Cold Bay Area Summer Tourists

SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL (KPIX) - San Francisco International Airport now has a hot spot to pick up something warm to wear to survive our cooler weather. It's a fast and convenient way for travelers to do a little clothes shopping. The Uniqlo-branded vending machine dispenses vests and jackets.

"In San Francisco, I picture people getting off the flight and it's foggy they think, 'I'm not ready for this!'" said SFO traveler Peter Finch. "It's summer in California and they think, 'Hey, I can buy a vest!'"

Finch knows all about San Francisco summers. He lives here and was just about to catch a flight when he stopped to check out this vest vending machine.

"I had heard about this and that they were selling really well and for some reason when I heard vest, I pictured a British tweed vest," said Finch. "I thought that's pretty random, but no, they're kind of this cool kind of down-looking jackets.

These Uniqlo-branded puffy vests and jackets are so popular, travelers are buying more than $10,000 worth a month. The vests sell for around $50 and the jackets go for $70. Its vending company says this vest and jacket dispenser is such a big seller, it's in the top 10% of its vending machines nationwide.

"The television show Silicon Valley kind of brought these vests and popularity and awareness here," said Doug Yakel, SFO Airport Spokesperson. "We have this vending machine that makes good on that vision."

Seungmin Hwang and her friend just landed at SFO from Korea. She said she's never seen anything like this before. Hwang came to the Bay Area wearing a t-shirt, shorts and sandals.

"I thought it was going to be hot, so I'm wearing this!" said Hwang.

The Uniqlo vending machine was installed at SFO in August of 2017.

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