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San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin latest to mull 2024 run for mayor

Longtime S.F. supervisor mulls 2024 run for mayor
Longtime S.F. supervisor mulls 2024 run for mayor 04:03

SAN FRANCISCO – It appears as though a big shake-up could be coming for the San Francisco mayor's race.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that longtime Supervisor Aaron Peskin has told at least two close confidants - that he does, in fact, plan to run in November.

While Peskin has not made it official, Wilson Walker spoke with the supervisor Friday, and others about what this might mean for the race.

Current candidates include incumbent Mayor London Breed and several challengers, including former Supervisor Mark Farrell, philanthropist Daniel Lurie and current Ahsha Safai, who serves on the Board of Supervisors alongside Peskin.

Aaron Peskin of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. CBS

"So I'm going to go knock on some neighborhood organization doors," Peskin said Friday. "Hear what people are saying, and make a decision in the weeks and months ahead."

Peskin said the decision is still being made. CBS News Bay Area caught up with him in Chinatown, but he's about to start feeling things out, beyond his district.

"I want to go and put my toe in the water in the Excelsior, and in the Mission, and in the Sunset, and the Richmond," he added. "And I'm going to do that in the weeks ahead and see whether there's an appetite out there."

"Because there's sort of a crowded field with some similar messages," observed Jason McDaniel, a political science professor at San Francisco State University. "I think he's going to be able to stand alone with a message that resonates with his core of voters."

McDaniel is talking about the much-discussed progressive lane available in the mayor's race. A label he says would fit Peskin well.

"I also think, though, that he's a progressive that is not necessarily a turn off to other voters," McDaniel said. "He's somebody who has been around for a long time, over 20 years."

"You know, it's true," said Alex Clemens. "Aaron is one of the longest tenured members of the San Francisco political class in history."

Clemens is a longtime communications consultant, lobbyist, and observer of San Francisco politics. He's been digging through the record books, and Peskin's tenure is a remarkable one.

"He served two terms on the Board of Supervisors, first being elected at age 35, 36," Clemens said of Peskin's run. "And then he departed because we have a two-term, two consecutive term limit. That's an important thing to remember."

It was a seven-year break, but then a twist of fate brought a special election, and two more full terms.

"Making 17 years of service," Clemens said. "There's only one person in the history of San Francisco who has served on the Board of Supervisors longer than 17 years. That's a guy named Dewey Meade. Who you have not heard of."

Suppose for a moment, Peskin runs for mayor, and he wins.

"I believe Aaron Peskin would surpass Dewey Meade, and he would surpass Dianne Feinstein, who also has 18 years of service, though combined as supervisor and mayor," Clemens added.

Is the supervisor concerned that with so many people frustrated over the state of the city they look at someone with a lot of experience and hang that on him?

"Listen, people are going to have to make choices," Peskin said. "Let's be honest I've gone back-and-forth on this. I'm weighing it again. And I'm warming up to the idea."

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