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Santa Rosa police arrest 6 teens in connection with stabbing attack near Bellevue Ranch Park

6 teens arrested in connection with stabbing attack in Santa Rosa
6 teens arrested in connection with stabbing attack in Santa Rosa 00:31

Santa Rosa police said officers on Wednesday arrested six teens in connection to an attempted homicide.

The juveniles are suspected of attacking a man near Bellevue Ranch Park on Jan. 11, around 3:45 p.m., and police suspect they are all "deeply affiliated with a dangerous criminal street gang."

Police said a 41-year-old man and a group of juveniles got into an altercation, and the man eventually tried to escape from the group on his bike.

However, the group caught up to him and six of the 15 juveniles began attacking him. Police said he was stabbed between eight to ten times, and one of the injuries was on the side of his neck.

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Nearby residents called 911, and several of them ran to help the man. One of the residents who ran to help was a nurse, police said. The victim has since been released from the hospital and his injuries are no longer considered life-threatening.

Police said all six juveniles attend or had attended Elsie Allen High School — One of them goes to Pivot Charter School.

Officers arrested them on Wednesday as they left their homes, four of them were headed to school while one was going to a court hearing. Police said the sixth suspect was already at juvenile hall due to a probation violation that was unrelated to the attack.

Santa Rosa police listed the locations where they had conducted surveillance in order to arrest the teens.

·         200-block of Cranbrook Way, Santa Rosa; residence of a 15-year-old suspect

·         100-block of Gio Drive, Santa Rosa; residence of a 16-year-old suspect

·         500-block of Southwood Drive, Santa Rosa; residence of a 17-year-old suspect

·         2600-block of Northcoast Street; residence of a 16-year-old suspect

·         4300-block of Brookshire Court, Santa Rosa; residence of a 16-year-old suspect

The 16-year-old arrested on Brookshire Court allegedly had a disassembled firearm in his backpack, police said. A search warrant executed at his home found a 3D printer and other gun parts; police believe he was using the printer to manufacture gun parts.

Search warrants were also carried out at the other homes, and according to police, they found several knives, gang paraphernalia, clothing and electronic devices.

Investigators are looking into whether any of the knives they found were used in the attack.

Police said one of the teens was previously arrested in connection to the killing of Felix Vargas on Blacksmith Way on June 24, 2023. Three others were currently on juvenile probation, and three of them were previously arrested on gun charges.

"The Santa Rosa Police Department is committed to helping those affiliated with gangs, or young people at risk of joining a gang, find resources and a safe pathway out of gang culture. One such resource is the Santa Rosa Violence Prevention Partnership," police said.

To learn more, visit the department's Violence Prevention page.

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