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Salinas-based Lettuce Recalled... Again

For the second time since May, a Salinas-based lettuce producer is recalling thousands of bags of salad, this time it's because of concerns of possible E. coli contamination.

In May, Fresh Express issued a voluntary recall over possible Salmonella contamination, this time tests Monday on one bag of lettuce came up positive for E. coli, but the FDA says no illnesses have been reported.

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State Public Health spokesman Mike Sicilia tells CBS5 the delay in issuing the recall was due to confirming the results.

"This actually shows that the system works pretty well in that these products are randomly tested, and when we see a positive we can pull it fairly quickly and get it off the market as soon as possible," said Sicilia.

He says people shouldn't worry about eating Fresh Express products, just make sure you wash your salad or produce as usual.

The Fresh Express Hearts of Romaine Salad being recalled have a use-by date of July 8 through the 12th and an S in the product code.

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