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Sacramento fire agencies prepare for wildfire season as more insurance companies leave California

More insurance companies leave California as wildfire season nears
More insurance companies leave California as wildfire season nears 02:53

SACRAMENTO — Two additional insurance companies are pulling out of California, leaving thousands more civilians without coverage as the state nears the start of its wildfire season.

The California Department of Insurance confirmed to CBS13 that Tokio Marine America Insurance Co. and Trans-Pacific Insurance Co. would not renew their customers' home insurance policies. Notices are being sent this summer.

It comes weeks after State Farm announced it would not renew homeowner coverage for 72,000 homes and apartments in the state.

As it becomes increasingly harder for people to find and keep coverage, firefighters are gearing up for a fast-approaching wildfire season. Cal Fire is already increasing staff with 26 seasonal staff members.

"They are the backbone of our department. When it comes to doing hose, lays putting out the fire, the crew swinging tools, running chainsaws," said Battalion Chief Jeff Loveless.

The seasonal staff stays on for the next six to nine months, and mitigation efforts are already starting across the state to try and cut down on the amount of brush and fuel on the ground.

"The work right now is making sure some of these storms that we had, the branches that fell down with some of the major windstorms, that we're cleaning those up and able to burn those," Loveless said.

He reminds the public that starting prevention efforts now will help cut down on the potential for a devastating fire in the months to come. Currently, Cal Fire said the season outlook remains average thanks to a healthy water year and above-average snowpack.

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