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Rideshare driver attacked, carjacked by rider in Stockton Police Department parking lot

Rideshare driver carjacked by rider in Stockton police parking lot
Rideshare driver carjacked by rider in Stockton police parking lot 02:29

STOCKTON — Stockon police are investigating a brazen attack on a rideshare driver in their own department headquarters parking lot.

The victim drove to the police headquarters because he felt threatened by his customer. That customer then attacked the rideshare driver and stole his car.

Dispatch audio captured some of the scene:

Officer: "Mary 20…uhm…we're probably going to be in pursuit of a vehicle…we're going eastbound Weber from El Dorado…"

Officer: "Its going to be related to that call at the police department…"

Officer: "this is going to be that vehicle…it looked like he was trying to run someone over in the front lot of the PD…"

The suspect got on a freeway and led officers on a pursuit.

Officer: "….westbound on 4….speeds are 100…there's no traffic…"

Stockon police eventually called off their chase. The suspect was arrested by California Highway Patrol officers in Contra Costa County.

Daryush Mobarakeh is a rideshare driver and advocate concerned about a lack of protections for drivers.

"Desperate individual, I guess," Mobarekeh said. "This is a trend. It has been going on for years."

Mobarakeh is calling on rideshare workers to be reclassified as employees, not independent contractors.

"It makes these companies accountable as far as taking care of their employees, worker's compensation. That's where it comes into the picture if the driver gets assaulted or gets killed," Mobarakeh said. 

The Stockton Police Department parking lot has been a crime scene before. Five officers shot and killed a gunman who charged at them in 2021.

This time, an alleged assault and carjacking led to a police pursuit.

Dispatch: "…we were able to get the wife on the line…advise that she is unable to get a hold of her husband…ever since she called in…"

Stockton police report that the suspect under arrest is 34-year-old Tyrone McGee. McGee is in custody in the Contra Costa jail. He is being held on $45,000 bail.

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