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Residents in North Bay cleaning up flood damage after heavy rain

North Bay residents left to deal with flood clean-up after heavy rain
North Bay residents left to deal with flood clean-up after heavy rain 01:54

With the heavy rain having passed, North Bay residents are now left to clean up the damage it left behind.

George Muldoon has been shoveling most of the day and into the night.

"We have to hand clean all of this with our water and money.  It's frustrating," said Muldoon.  

He and his neighbors live near Fife Creek, which they said often overflows its banks even in mild storms. They said they never get help from city crews because it's in an unincorporated part of Guerneville. 

"Despite it being a work day, you have to stay up late and get to work.  Last night, we were up until 4 a.m. helping each other move cars," said Muldoon. 

"It happens so fast. No warning. No water on the ground. Then 20 minutes, all the water on the ground," said Siohvaughn Harp. 

Larry Metz, who lives in Santa Rosa, traveled to Guerneville to help a friend. 

"My friend says she was surprised. But to me it was no surprise," Metz said.

Muldoon's garage flooded, but it didn't reach any of the rooms inside his home.

"That truck had water up to its doors. That fence you could barely see the top of it.  You're looking at water standing up to your waist where we're standing," said Muldoon.

Every time it floods, it's a race against time. 

"It will turn into a concrete of sorts, which then turns into a dust bowl, which is really unpleasant in the summers. When the wind picks up it's just a mess," said Muldoon. 

He's moving all the silt and mud on Mill Court for older neighbors who can't pitch in. 

"It would be great if we could get some help from the city," said Muldoon. 

Muldoon clings to hope, even after years of dealing with messes like this. 

"You really have to be careful of where you are and where you're living.  Otherwise 99 percent of the year, it's a beautiful place to live,"  said Muldoon. 

It's an admirable positive attitude even after a challenging 24 hours.

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