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Raiders Team Up With Coast Guard To Help Officers

KCBS_740OAKLAND (KCBS) -- Veteran's Day is later this week and the Coast Guard and the Raiders teamed up to help junior enlisted members cope with life in the military.

The Coast Guard's relationship with the Silver and Black goes back several years, according to Chief Warrant Officer Rodney Cates.

He says the Raiders made a donation to the Chief Warrant Officers Association, a non-profit group that supports crisis intervention for members of the Coast Guard.

"$5,000 goes a long way for us to help out. We've had an ongoing relationship with the Raiders, and it's been great," Cates said.

Chief Warrant Officer David Romero says some of that money may go toward helping junior enlisted members cope with life in the military.

"There's an adjustment phase that anyone's going to have to make when you transition into a military branch. It's stressful. It's something that you probably didn't expect as a civilian coming into an organization such as the military," Romero said.

Beyond this, the Raiders paid for 200 members of the Coast Guard to attend the Sunday Night game at the Coliseum where Oakland defeated the Broncos to take first place in the AFC West.

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