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Dozens Of Pets Separated By Wildfires Are Waiting For Their Families

SONOMA COUNTY (KPIX 5) -- There are dozens of pets displaced by the wildfires that are still waiting for their owners.

They were found, but are still lost.

Sonoma County Animal Services still has many dogs and cats that were lost during the fires.

There is a Facebook page to reunite lost pets with their owners.

Tajali Smith helped create the Found Animal Facebook page. Smith said, "Often social media is a curse but in this case, it's a blessing."

Photo after photo, collected from all across the region, are now in one place.

Many of these animals are at Sonoma County Animal Services. They say the new Facebook page is helping.

Sonoma County Animal Services Community Engagement Manager Monica Argenti said, "We still have quite a few animals that we are trying to get back to their families."

Tammy Hurt thinks she saw her missing cat Lucy on the page.

"She was inside the night of the fire. We got one of our cats, but just not the other one. We're trying to find her," Hurt said.

Lucy, a long-haired grey cat, is still missing. The photo was a different cat.

Hurt said, "Yeah, we're going to keep looking until we can't look anymore."

Veterinarian Dr. Kate McKencie says in crisis dogs run to their owners , while cats run away.

Dr. McKencie said, "And that's why we see more burned cats come to us that burned dogs."

Argenti said they have also rescued about 130 koi fish. Those fish were delivered to the University of California at Davis and are receiving treatment and care.

As you look through all the photos on the Facebook Pages and you don't recognize your missing pet, keep in mind that all of these animals have gone through a horrific firestorm and many do not look the same.


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