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Remains found in Oakland Estuary confirmed to be of San Pablo woman whose son is charged with murder

San Pablo police confirmed Tuesday that the remains of an alleged female murder victim have been found after she and her daughter were reported missing.

Detectives said that last month, they were notified that DNA evidence matched the profile of an unidentified body recovered from the Oakland Estuary on Sept. 30, 2023. They received confirmation that the DNA profile of the remains matched the profile of alleged murder victim Que Tran.

Tran, 74, and her daughter Tho Ly, 40, were reported missing in September 2023 by Ly's husband Phuc Vo, who said they were last seen at their house in the 1900 block of Sutter Avenue in San Pablo.

Phuc Vo San Pablo homicide suspect
Phuc Vo San Pablo homicide suspect San Pablo Police Department

Vo, 40, said the women reportedly left in a Honda vehicle for Southern California after a family argument. But police said they began to find inconsistencies in his story. Though the women's vehicle had supposedly been driven downstate in September, investigators allege Vo was seen in the car in Oakland in December.

Detectives said they then dug further and tagged him as the suspect in what became a murder case. Vo was arrested in late February.

On March 4, Contra Costa County prosecutors charged Vo with two counts of murder with an enhancement for special circumstances.

According to San Pablo police, the location of Tho Ly's remains has yet to be confirmed.

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