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Update: Lockdown lifted at Montgomery High in Santa Rosa after student seen with gun

PIX Now -- Friday morning headlines from the KPIX newsroom
PIX Now -- Friday morning headlines from the KPIX newsroom 13:15

SANTA ROSA -- A lockdown at Santa Rosa's Montgomery High School has been lifted and classes cancelled Friday after a student was reportedly seen on campus with a handgun, school officials said.

Initial reports from the Santa Rosa City Schools public information officer indicated that shortly before 11 a.m., it was reported to staff at Montgomery High that a student was spotted with what appeared to be a gun in their waistband. 

Police later said at that at 10:45 a.m., a Montgomery High student called the Santa Rosa Police Department (SRPD) and reported seeing another student on campus with a handgun. The school resource officer was notified and several police officers arrived at the school ocated at 1250 Hahman Drive a few minutes later. 

Montgomery High went into lockdown around 10:55 a.m., police spokesperson said.

Santa Rosa police officers conducted an investigation and searched several classrooms. Students were also being interviewed, according to the public information officer.

Police later confirmed that there was a report from student who said they saw another student with a possible handgun, though it appeared the student was "just showing off the handgun, not necessarily that they were threatening anyone." 

The school resource officer and additional officers were able to isolate the potential suspects to three classrooms in the portables on the north side of campus, police said.

While the school was on lockdown, officers searched multiple classrooms and contacted all students believed to be associated with the incident. No handgun was located after searching several classrooms and larger congregating areas.

However, in one of the classrooms searched, officers located a knife hidden and wrapped up in a Montgomery High School shirt. The knife was a fixed blade knife with a black handle. Police did not say if they were able to determine who the knife belonged to or if any students were detained in connection with the knife.

Police additionally learned that Friday was "Senior Assassin Day" at the school, a social media game that encourages kids to bring squirt guns to school to "eliminate" certain people. Authorities said the gun that was spotted may have been a water pistol brought to school in connection with the game.  

"These kinds of 'games' on school campuses are troubling because students are bringing perceived handguns on campus and targeting other students, teachers, and administrators," said a police spokesperson. 

School officials decided to cancel classes and after-school activities once the lockdown was lifted at 1:10 p.m., with the exception of the scheduled away baseball game. 

Students and staff are being released from the school early with no reunification locations in use, officials said. Buses were arranged to arrive to campus early and parents may pick up students as usual. Students who walk or drive were free to leave campus on their own.

The investigation is ongoing, police said.

It is the same school that was shaken by tragedy earlier this year when a 16-year-old student was fatally stabbed on campus during a fight.

Family members told KPIX the teen who died was 16-year-old Jayden Pienta. The school has been dealing with issues of violence between students and weapons being brought onto campus since the fatal stabbing in March.

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