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Top DFS Picks Week 6: Matt Ryan Could Erupt Against Buccaneers

Steve Silverman

We're onto Week 6 and there's several matchups that likely have fantasy players licking their chops when looking at them. The Falcons, despite their struggles, have a high-powered offense and they now face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers league-worst pass defense. Sunday night, the Patriots and Chiefs meet in Foxborough for what could very likely be a high-scoring shootout. With those games leading the way, let's take a look at the top projected starter for each team heading into this week's games.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills – QB Josh Allen @  Houston Texans, FD Proj. – 12.5 points

The Bills are not going to light up the scoreboard very often, and his projected fantasy total underscores the lack of explosive weapons. Allen has a strong arm, but he is not an accurate passer when he has to throw the ball on the move at this point.

Miami Dolphins – QB Ryan Tannehill vs. Chicago Bears, FD Proj. – 16.5 points

Tannehill has been inconsistent and he has to try to overcome that against a Chicago defense that has grown ferocious and is rested. He is likely to be limited in this game.

New England Patriots- QB Tom Brady vs. Kansas City Chiefs, FD Proj.-24.5 points

The Patriots are starting to get well from an offensive perspective, and Brady is developing a solid rapport with Josh Gordon and Julian Edelman is once again a productive target.

New York Jets – QB Sam Darnold vs. Indianapolis Colts, FD Proj. – 14.9 points

The Jets are coming off a remarkable offensive performance against the Denver Broncos that was led by running back Isaiah Crowell. The new threat of the running game should give Darnold a big opportunity to torch the Colts.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens – QB Joe Flacco @ Tennessee Titans, FD proj. – 17.0 points

The Ravens are coming off a flat offensive performance vs. the Cleveland Browns, and they have a much tougher assignment this week. The offensive line has to give Flacco enough time to find his receivers.

Cincinnati Bengals – QB Andy Dalton vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, FD proj. – 18.6 points

The Bengals appear to be a different team than they have been in years past, piling up clutch late-game performances. Dalton should be able to have a big game against a Steelers defense that has been quite vulnerable to this point.

Cleveland Browns – QB Baker Mayfield vs. L.A. Chargers, FD proj. – 16.9 points

While the Browns are playing competitive football and even winning a couple of games, they are not an offensive juggernaut and Mayfield could make several risky throws.

Pittsburgh Steelers – QB Ben Roethlisberger @ Cincinnati Bengals, FD Proj – 20.9 points

The Steelers have been quite inconsistent to this point, but they are coming off their best game against the Atlanta Falcons. If the Steelers are going to win this tough division road game, Roethlisberger is going to have to hit several big plays, throw for 300 yards and perhaps three TDs.

AFC South

Houston Texans – QB Deshaun Watson vs. Buffalo Bills, FD Proj – 25.8 points

Watson is starting to find his stride and he is developing an amazing partnership with DeAndre Hopkins. He took a battering from the Dallas defense last week, and that could slow him down.

Indianapolis Colts – QB Andrew Luck at New York Jets, FD Proj – 19.5 points

The strong-armed Luck has brought a highly competitive level back to the Colts offense that was missing last year. If Luck can avoid turnovers here, he has a chance for a productive game vs. Jets.

Jacksonville Jaguars – QB Blake Bortles @ Dallas Cowboys, FD Proj. – 22.1 points

Bortles is coming off a brutal four-interception game against the Chiefs, and now must face a hard-charging Dallas defense. Bortles must find a way to avoid turnovers.

Tennessee Titans – QB Marcus Mariota vs. Baltimore Ravens, FD Proj. – 15.8 points

Mariota has not reached the level that many expected him to be at, but he is still a work in progress who has proved that he can make big plays when the game is on the line.

AFC West

Denver Broncos – QB Case Keenum vs. Los Angeles Rams, FD Proj. – 18.0 points

This game looks like a runaway for the Rams, but after last week's humiliation against the Jets, look for Keenum to lead a huge bounce-back game against a Rams team that is likely looking past them.

Kansas City Chiefs – QB Patrick Mahomes @ New England Patriots, FD Proj – 26.0 points

The Chiefs have the most explosive offense in the league and Mahomes is a legitimate MVP candidate. While the Pats have been vulnerable on defense, they should be primed for their best effort of the season against the high-scoring Chiefs.

Los Angeles Chargers – QB Philip Rivers @ Cleveland Browns, FD Proj. – 17.9 points

The Chargers are starting to hit their stride and the Browns are not going to have an answer for Rivers as he throws the ball to Keenan Allen and Melvin Gordon.

Oakland Raiders – QB Derek Carr vs. Seattle Seahawks, FD Proj. – 17.2 points

The Raiders and Seahawks once had one of the most underappreciated rivalries in the league when both played in the AFC West. Those days are gone, and Carr will try to attack a Seattle defense that is no longer among the league's elite.

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys – QB Dak Prescott vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, FD Proj. – 15.1 points

Prescott is not likely to put a high-scoring game together, but he can make a few clutch plays with his feet or his arm against a hard-hitting Jacksonville defense.

New York Giants – RB Saquon Barkley vs. Philadelphia Eagles, FD Proj. – 16.8 points

The New York rookie running back has been as good or better than advertised, but the Giants offense has not been able to find a winning combination. Look for Barkley to rush for 100 yards and find the end zone.

Philadelphia Eagles – QB Carson Wentz @ N.Y. Giants, FD Proj. – 21.6 points

Wentz is still trying to find his way as he comes back from last year's ACL injury. He should be able to get there, but it may take a few more weeks. Wentz has all the physical tools and is an outstanding decision maker.

Washington Redskins – QB Alex Smith vs. Carolina Panthers, FD Proj. 22.3 points

The Redskins were overwhelmed by the Saints Monday night even though they were coming off a bye week. If they don't come back with a strong game here, the season could disintegrate for Smith and his teammates.

NFC North

Chicago Bears – QB Mitchell Trubisky @ Miami Dolphins, FD Proj. 20.0 points

Trubisky is coming off an explosive six-TD performance, but it seems like it was a lifetime ago since the Bears are coming off a bye week. If the defense forces turnovers, Trubisky could have another big game.

Detroit Lions – Bye week

Green Bay Packers – QB Aaron Rodgers vs. San Francisco 49ers, FD Proj. 26.2 points

Fantasy owners are expecting a huge game from Rodgers because he usually comes up with an impressive performance the week after a Green Bay loss. He could have 325 passing yards and three TDs here.

Minnesota Vikings – QB Kirk Cousins vs Arizona Cardinals, FD Proj., 21.8 points

Minnesota woke up with a big road win against the Philadelphia Eagles, and head coach Mike Zimmer hopes that game gets the Vikings turned around. Look for a huge game here from Cousins, who made several clutch throws vs. the defending Super Bowl champions.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons – QB Matt Ryan vs. Tampa Bay Bucs, FD Proj., 28.8 points

We are not going to concern ourselves with Atlanta's miserable record. Ryan is having an impressive statistical year with 1,601 yards and 11 touchdowns, and he should pummel the Tampa Bay defense.

Carolina Panthers – QB Cam Newton at Washington Redskins, FD Proj. 23.1 points

The key with Newton is getting off to a good start, and if the Redskins can't put the heat on him, he could run free and make big plays on the move. Newton should be confident that he can take advantage of a Washington defense that may not have enough speed to keep up with him.

New Orleans Saints – bye week.

Tampa Bay Bucs – QB Jameis Winston @ Atlanta Falcons, FD Proj., 25.2 points

That's a huge fantasy estimate for a player who is making his first start of the season. Then again, he is going up against an Atlanta defense that is not functioning at a decent level this season.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals – QB Josh Rosen @ Minnesota Vikings, FD Proj., 12.6 points

Rosen may be catching the Vikings at the wrong time as they bottomed out in Week 4 against the Rams and bounced back against Philadelphia. Rosen is not going to be ready to play a winning game on the road against a potential division winner.

Los Angeles Rams – QB Jared Goff @ Denver Broncos, FD Proj. 22.9 points

Beware the undefeated team that is being called the best in the NFL. The Rams are on the road against an opponent they should dominate, but this is a difficult league and this game could have upset written all over it and Goff may struggle.

San Francisco 49ers – QB C.J. Beathard @ Green Bay Packers, FD Proj. 19.5 points

The Niners have a long way to play this season with their backup quarterback under center, and that's life in the NFL. Beathard is not the most talented passer, but he will take advantage of what the defense gives him, and the Packers have been vulnerable.

Seattle Seahawks – QB Russell Wilson @ Oakland Raiders, FD Proj., 24.7 points

The Seahawks are starting to find an offensive rhythm, and that's bad news for an Oakland team that can't find a pass rush. Wilson has a huge game against Jon Gruden's team, and the coach melts down on the sidelines.

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