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Levi's Stadium Opener, Seahawks Visit Are Most Expensive Tickets On 2014 49ers Schedule

(TiqIQ/CBS) - Colin Kaepernick and the Niners had a strong 2013 season, narrowly missing out on a second-straight trip to the Super Bowl by losing to bitter NFC West rivals, the Seattle Seahawks. They'll surely be right back in the mix of things in 2014, both for their division as well as a deep run in the NFL playoffs. Seattle will surely try to be a thorn in their side once again, as the Niners take them on twice in the NFC West and probably will have to prepare for a possible third meeting again in post-season action.

On top of that, the Niners will be playing their first games in Santa Clara's Levi's Stadium, making 49ers tickets even more expensive on the secondary market. To get a good idea of what the 49ers can expect over the course of the rest of their schedule, let's take a look at all of their home games for the 2014 season:

Week 2 - vs. Chicago Bears | Avg: $545 | Get-in: $294

The first game at Levi's Stadium is obviously going to be one of the most expensive games for the 49ers tickets this season. It's also one of the most expensive games across the entire 2014 NFL schedule. The game against the Bears is 19.47% more expensive than the Niners' home game average in 2014.

Week 4 - vs. Philadelphia Eagles | Avg: $481 | Get-in: $177

Chip Kelly brings his high-flying Philadelphia Eagles into town in the 49ers second home game, which could potentially test San Francisco's defense a bit. The 49ers are more balanced, though, so they should look to stifle Nick Foles and co. in an on paper shootout that is just 5.44% over the season average.

Week 5 - vs. Kansas City Chiefs | Avg: $444 | Get-in: $156

The Niners welcome Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs to town in their third home game of 2014, a decent 2.67% discount on their home game average. KC is pretty balanced and could challenge the Niners, giving fans a third-straight intense home game.

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Week 9 - vs. St. Louis Rams | Avg: $387 | Get-in: $152

Easily San Francisco's cheapest home game of the year, this one could still be a very tough test. The Rams are a balanced bunch and will be looking to take a step up in 2014. San Francisco is still the better team and should get the win here, giving Niners fans a nice 15.17% discount in the process.

Week 12 - vs. Washington Redskins | Avg: $422 | Get-in: $160

Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick square off in this late November battle, one that comes in at 7.49% below the 49ers' home game season average. RG3 and co. could potentially put up a fight, but the 'Skins defense is weak on paper, suggesting a win for San Francisco at home.

Week 13 - vs. Seattle Seahawks | Avg: $647 | Get-in: $356

San Francisco takes on the hated Seahawks in their last November game of 2014, in what will surely play into how the NFC West rounds out. Seattle is arguably the Niners' stiffest home game of the year, and also should be it's most hyped. Naturally, it comes in as their most expensive home game and the most expensive game in the NFL, a whopping 41.83% over their regular season average at home.

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Week 16 - vs. San Diego Chargers | Avg: $380 | Get-in: $154

Philip Rivers and the Bolts will stay in California to take on the 49ers in this December matchup, which could play a hand in how both teams close bids for playoff appearances. Despite this actually being a relatively tough matchup, 49ers fans get a nice discount. At 16.70% cheaper than their home game season average, San Francisco's battle with the Chargers ends up being their second cheapest home game of 2014.

Week 17 - vs. Arizona Cardinals | Avg: $426 | Get-in: $198

San Francisco caps the 2014 season at home against a NFC West division rival. Carson Palmer and the desert birds gave them a fight in 2013 and figure to do the same again with a lot likely on the line as the season comes to a close. It's a pretty solid value at 6.62% under the home game season average despite the potentially huge division/playoff implications.

The 49ers are one of the most balanced teams in the league and are extremely well coached, but look to have their hands full at home in 2014. Even though they should get mostly wins on paper, battles with the Eagles, Chargers, Bears and Chiefs should be quite challenging. Their two home games against the Seahawks and Cardinals could end up being the difference between winning a division title or not.

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