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Hyperloop Would Blast People, Cargo Between SF & LA In 30 Minutes

(CBS NEWS) -- Hyperloop Technologies is working on a project to move people and cargo at nearly the speed of sound, View Post and its engineers believe they're approaching a transportation breakthrough not seen in ages, reports CBS News correspondent Carter Evans.

In 1903, the Wright brothers launched the age of aviation in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, with their experimental flying machine. It connected the world, pushing the limits of what many believed possible.

Hyperloop Technologies co-founder and engineer Brogan BamBrogan wants to change the world again, with a ground transit system that would go faster than a commercial jet.

"We're kind of inventing a fifth mode of transportation which is no small task... by the end of next year we're going to have our Kitty Hawk moment," he said.

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A team of engineers at Hyperloop Technologies is working on the futuristic system. It would move cargo and passengers through tubes on a cushion of air, at almost supersonic speeds in a near-vacuum. It could travel the roughly 400 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco in about 30 minutes.


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