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Clear Skies, Fog Engaged In Epic Battle Above Bay Area Skies

KPIX 5 Morning Weather Anchor Roberta Gonzales answers the questions you never get to ask on-air.

Q: Yesterday was roasting and today I miss my sweater. What exactly just happened to the clear skies in San Francisco? And how far do I have to drive to find the sun today? - Bill, Marin

A: What a difference a day makes! Clear skies on Monday, but look what we woke up to Tuesday:

The marine layer has returned to the Bay Area with vengeance and we can attribute it to a weak dry, cold front. As this cold front approaches the North Bay, it is enhancing the marine layer. Check out the return of the fog late Monday.

THE INVASION HAS BEGUN: Yes, an "invasion" of fog is now underway. High pressure is moving out... cool, humid marine air is moving in... and tomorrow's weather will not resemble today's at all. Check out my forecast live at 6:48 pm on KPIX5 News... -- Paul Deanno KPIX

Posted by KPIX CBS San Francisco Bay Area on Monday, April 27, 2015

According to computer models, the cold front will move through the North Coast late tonight and early Wednesday.

The extensive marine layer is already clearing back to the Coast, will clouds hugging the shoreline all day. In addition, to this strong onshore flow, we have what we call, a "Pressure Gradient". I like to think of it as, the area of High Pressure which brought us record warmth Monday, is causing friction with the approaching Low Pressure. In turn, this causes WIND.

The wind will blow this afternoon from the West (onshore) 20 to 30 mph. These conditions will persist through Wednesday, however expect the clouds to burn off earlier on Wednesday.

Ready for a roller coaster ride? By Thursday, High Pressure nestles into the Bay Area providing us with at least a 10 degree jump in temperatures as winds turn offshore! Gilroy will again hit 90 degrees! Warmer in Brentwood and Discovery Bay! This pattern will hold through Friday until we turn cooler for the weekend.

Best Weather Tip for the week ahead? Enjoy Thursday's Oakland A's baseball game! Plenty of sunshine and 72 degrees for First Pitch at 12:35 p.m., going up to a high of 79!

I would love to hear from you! Please send weather questions, observations and photos to me, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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