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HealthWatch: How You Brew Coffee May Impact Heart Health

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) - Who doesn't like a hot, steaming cup of coffee in the morning? But how you brew your java may impact your heart health.

Coffee beans contain two naturally-occurring chemicals:  cafestol and kahweol. These phyto-chemicals can boost your cholesterol, especially the artery-damaging LDL or the so-called bad cholesterol.

Using a French press, espresso maker or boiled coffee keeps these chemicals in brewed coffee.

But using a drip filter or those single serving coffee pods removes them or makes their presence negligible.

The Nespresso pods can be recycled, so they are better for the environment. We found a good selection at Sur La Table but you can also find coffee pod makers (like Keurig) at many discount stores including Target and Bed, Bath and beyond, as well as EBay and Amazon.

A better brew of coffee may provide a better brew for your heart.

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