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Groups Push To Merge Sacramento With Bay Area To Create 'Mega Region'

KCBS_740SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- With Bay Area traffic extending to Sacramento and the Central Valley corridor, its no surprise that several economic groups are pushing to rename this area the "Bay Area-Sacramento Mega Region."

The idea is to pull together to stave off out of state job poachers.

The Greater Sacramento Economic Council opened an office in Sunnyvale this past July. Now, it's going to partner with the Bay Area Council to try and blur the lines between the Bay Area proper and the Sacramento Valley.

"We're looking to partner together for the first time to really keep jobs in California. So, we're launching California Jobs Matter campaign today, and looking to strengthen ties between the Bay Area and Sacramento regions," Pat Talamantes, Board Chair for the Sacramento Council told KCBS.

For one thing, make it easier for people to commute back and forth.

"Focusing more on our Amtrak service for example between Sacramento and the Bay Area. That is a trip that takes too long. It's unnecessary for it to take that long. We need to get state funding to provide a better, more reliable, and quicker service there," Talamantes said.

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