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Gray Whales Migrating North Along California Coast

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Spring is here, and so is your chance to observe one of the ocean's great migrations.

Through the end of April, gray whales and their calves will be traveling north along the Central and Northern California coasts.

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Ken Peterson, communications director at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, told KCBS that the whales will be spending the summer in Alaska.

"This is one of the two peak times of year to see gray whales migrating along the California coast. In November, December, into early January, the gray whales are coming south along the coast from their summer feeding grounds up in Alaska," Peterson explained.

Peterson said gray whales are fairly easy to spot because they stay pretty close to shore.

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Orcas are also a frequent sight - they tend to follow the whale's migration north in hopes of preying on the gray whale calves.

Callers told the KCBS Newsroom over the weekend they saw gray whales passing by Lands End and China Beach in San Francisco.

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