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GameDay: The West Is The Raiders To Win

CBS 5 Sports Director Dennis O'Donnell hosts "Gameday" every Sunday night at 11:30pm on KPIX-TV and offers his unique sports analysis here.

OAKLAND (CBS 5) - It's official. If the Oakland Raiders lose the division it's their own fault. Their defense stepped UP instead of being stepped ON.  Their offense is suddenly balanced with a pro bowl quarterback even without their MVP running back.  Six sacks from the D and the kitchen sink proved Oakland can handle an elite QB. Here's my take.

Carson Palmer:  When Baron Davis walked onto the court with the Warriors, you KNEW they had a chance to win.  Same with Palmer. He has the IT in it.  Draft picks? I don't know. But, man, this guy is damn good.

Michael Bush:  Robin had a career day when Batman stayed in the cave.

Kamerion Wimbley: Did someone say career day?  Four sacks total, but his first half sent Phillip Rivers a message.  "You can't run your way out of this like Tebow."

Vincent Jackson:  Should take Ryan Leaf's old locker.

Denarius "give me" Moore

Hue Jackson:   If you blame him for the penalties, you gotta love him for stopping the penalties. But Hue, keep the rag in the pocket until you see the replay.

Jacoby Ford: Uh oh

DHB: Who?

Unknown MVP: Stefen Wisniewski

Worst career move: Another playoff-less year for Takeo.

Philip Rivers: stop changing all those diapers, for crying out loud!

See you on TV.

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