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GameDay: Colin Kaepernick's $10,000 Fine Over Headphones

SANTA CLARA (KPIX 5) -- The NFL is perfectly okay with Ray McDonald playing football while being investigated for domestic assault. But wear the wrong headphones?

Colin Kaepernick is lucky he wasn't banned for life, for crying out loud! WHAT was he thinking? What a Bose-o.

Who's got it better than Beats by Dre? Apparently, it's Bose. They're the latest sponsor to buy off the league. Seriously, a player walks up to a podium and gets fined for having the wrong headphones around his neck?

Just wait until Roger Goodell comes down on Frank Gore for that Rolex instead of Timex. Gore will take a lickin' but keep on tickin.'

Hey, Willis, you can't wear that tattoo of God on your shoulder! Don't you know we just signed a 10-year deal with the Devil? Wear a shirt to the press conference from now on. Oh, by the way, make sure it's a Tommy Bahama.

Truthfully, I think Beats beat the NFL at its own game. They likely paid Kapernick's $10,000 fine and got more bang for their buck.

In TV, there's a current strategy called "product placement." Colin placed his product right around Boses' neck. Dre 7, Bose 0.

My dad, (I'll call him Papa John because that's the NFL's pizza sponsor,) used to tell me that there's nothing money can't buy. Look no further than the NFL which pulled in $1.07 billion in sponsorship revenue in 2013.

As a result, players have to watch what they wear and where they wear it. Can you imagine if Kaepernick walked up to the post game podium with a Coors Silver Bullet?

Hey Colin? This fine's for you!

See you on TV. Without headphones.

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