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Bay Area Teen Named After Mt. Everest Launches Effort To Help Nepal Quake Victims

DANVILLE (KPIX 5) – Aid organizations are scrambling to help in the aftermath of last week's earthquake in Nepal, but one Bay Area teenager named Everest has an idea to keep the help coming even long after the dust settles.

First, let's explain why Everest Damaschino's dad gave him that name.

"Because he wanted to climb Mt. Everest and my mom wouldn't let him," the Monte Vista High School junior told KPIX 5.

"We decided to name him after the one thing I'm never going to be able to achieve," said Anthony Damaschino, Everest's father.

So she must have been thrilled last year when, for his 16th birthday, the Danville father and son made the trek to visit Base Camp at the foot of Mt Everest.

The exotic feel of Nepal and the warmth of its people gave Everest, what he calls, the greatest experience of his life.

And then came last Saturday. The ancient city of Kathmandu was no match for the 7.8 quake. Buildings are in ruins, centuries-old temples have collapsed and the magical place Everest remembers is simply not there anymore.

"I can't even imagine going to the same place back in Nepal and looking at nothing…I can't even comprehend it," Everest said.

"His first reaction was, let's go, let's help them…and it's just not realistic to do that at this point in the crisis," Anthony said.

So Everest is doing what he can. He has begun a social media fundraiser called "Everest for Nepal." In just a few days he's already raised about $1,800 toward his goal is $100,000, with the money going to an educational charity for Nepali children. Right now the world is focused on basic survival.

"After that, people will forget about Nepal, unfortunately. And I really want the money to help them recover from the earthquake long-term," Everest said.

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