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Daily Madden: Too Many Short Passes In The NFL

(KCBS) - John Madden watched eight or nine NFL preseason games over the weekend, and came away with a few impressions.

"Just overall, I think there are way too many short passes," Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. "They're all playing the game the same way now. No one passes the ball down the field... I don't know if it's offensive linemen that aren't very good so therefore you can't throw the ball up the field, or if you just decide to not throw the ball up the field anyway."

Madden said defenses are taking advantage of the 'throw it quickly' tendency.

"You get these guys that are blitzing all the time now. The only way you can get a guy out of blitzing is beat him deep... I'd pressure all the time. If you're going to get rid of the ball quickly, you have to throw a short pass. And if (the defense) can blitz and have a pretty good chance of getting there, putting pressure on the quarterback, and (they) don't have to worry about getting beat deep, that's a big plus for defense." (7:40)

Daily Madden

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