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Daily Madden: Raiders Injuries Are Sign Of The Times

OAKLAND (KCBS) - The Raiders are headed to London to play the Dolphins without receiver Rod Streater and safety Tyvon Branch, both hurt in the loss to the Patriots Sunday.

"There's something wrong there when we have so many injuries and lose so much depth and we're only in the third week of the season," John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. "Just imagine what's going to happen when we hit the half-way point, then the three-quarter, and then the end of the season."

Madden said he thinks the way teams approach the preseason games has something to do with it.

"I think it was Steve Young that said that the month of September -- in other words the first month of the NFL regular season -- is the (new) preseason, and that could be," John said. "They don't do enough in preseason to get ready for the season. They try to protect themselves -- you know, meaningless games, don't get hurt, don't play your guys, don't do any of this. Well, all that stuff where (you) don't play your guys,(you) rest your guys, means that no one is practicing to get ready to play pro football. And that's the reason. That's what I see as the reason." (6:35)

Daily Madden

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