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Daily Madden: Manziel Still A Mystery As NFL Prospect

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) - Texas A&M sophomore quarterback Johnny Manziel will enter the NFL draft with some analysts predicting he could be among the top three selected.

"I just watch that guy, and I'm amazed at what he can do," John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew."But that's a college player. That's where the talent comes in, and that's where the mistakes come in -- taking a college player, whether it's a quarterback or not, and quarterback probably being the most difficult, and projecting from what you see him do in college to how he'll do in the pros. And I have no idea, but I would sure like to watch him play."

Bengals assistant coach Jay Gruden has been selected as the new head coach of the Washington Redskins and the talented but inconsistent quarterback Robert Griffin III.

"If he thinks he's going in and being hired as the head coach and being paid as the head coach and his project is RG III, he's way off the mark," Madden said. "His project is the Washington Redskins and he has to coach the whole team."

There's been speculation that broadcaster Jon Gruden, Jay's brother, would return to the NFL as a head coach. Madden doesn't see that happening.

"Everything changes and changes so quickly, that even though you think you're keeping up with it, you're really not... The offenses, the defenses, and the special team stuff they're doing changes during one season. So when you're out multiple seasons, that just multiplies. You're that far away from the game and the knowledge. Football is totally different now than the game that I retired from broadcasting from, which at the time was totally different from the game I coached." (6:45)

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