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Daily Madden: iPad App To Help NFL Test For Concussions

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) - A sideline iPad app will help coaches and trainers determine if players have suffered a concussion in NFL games next season.

"You'll give the baseline test before the season starts in training camp," John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. "Then (when you think a player) is concussed and you're going through the protocol, all that information will be in an iPad on the sideline and you can compare his answers to the baseline test."

Madden said it's just one more tool to try to keep players safe.

"There are still going to be one or two slip through," Madden said. "The toughest position is quarterback. I kind of think that there has to be something for the quarterback, like a medical time out (so) that you just look at them if you want to check them, because they tend to stay in there. If you take a running back, they'll come in and out anyway. A defensive back, they come in and out. Linebackers come in and out... It's the guy that you don't get to the sideline to check -- and the number one guy is the quarterback. He'll get up and go back into the huddle sometimes when he probably shouldn't."

Madden is discounting reports that former Green Bay and Seattle coach Mike Holmgren may join the team in some capacity. "I don't think there's much meat on that bone," Madden said. "I wouldn't go running with that one." (8:10)

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