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Daily Madden: How KC Moved From Worst To First

SAN FRANCISCO (KBCS) - The Kansas City Chiefs is the NFL's only unbeaten team, boasting a 7-0 record following a dismal 2012 season.

"You think of (Kansas City coach) Andy Reid and you think of the West Coast offense, and you think of Bill Walsh and Brett Favre and Mike Holmgren and all those guys," John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. "The Kansas City Chiefs aren't like any of those teams, they're like the Chicago Bears. Just think of the Bears when they were really good. They were good defense - and not only good defense to stop you, but would take the ball away from you and score - and a good running game.

And the passing with Alex Smith is good enough. I mean it's not a great passing game, but it's good enough to get some first downs, keep the ball moving, you know, do all those things. So it's put together differently from a West Coast-coached team, but there is a model for that. Remember the Baltimore Ravens and, like I said, the Chicago Bears."

The real test for KC will come in late November and early December when the Chiefs play divisional rivals Denver twice and San Diego once.

"That's when you're really going to find out about that division," John said. "I think those are going to be interesting games."

Elsewhere, football players at Grambling State in Louisiana, upset over substandard facilities and long bus rides to games, have ended their boycott after a forfeit to Jackson State.

"Grambling was a great program," Madden said, noting his disagreement with analysts who say the university should quit football or drop to Division II. "I think the tradition has to mean something. The history has to mean something. You want to keep things alive and going. And when things get tough, you don't want to just quit on it. You want to get more determined to get it back. And I think we have to do more of that." (7:25)

Daily Madden

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