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Daily Madden: Harbaugh Asks Coach Madden For Super Bowl Advice

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) - San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was a guest on Friday morning's John Madden segment on KCBS, and he took the opportunity to ask Madden a question. "What advice can you give me, a first time coach going to the Super Bowl?"

"I just know that over the years watching it, the team that complains the most when they get down there usually loses," Madden replied. "The other thing I know is that you haven't done anything yet. And I think that the team that celebrates having gotten there the most usually loses focus."

"The team that admires their work and thinks that they've accomplished something doesn't have the same drive," said Madden.

Harbaugh said he appreciated the advice, and asked Madden if he could have a further discussion off the air. "I want our guys to enjoy every minute of this, and especially the competition of playing in the game," Harbaugh said. "So we'll study for the test, we'll prepare for it, and get ourselves ready to play to be a champion."

"You're a heck of a lot better coach than I ever was," Madden told Harbaugh, who responded with, "Bull crap! Don't put me on that dance floor."

Madden held his ground. "The job that you've done there -- and I say this when you're not on the air too -- is one of the all time great coaching jobs."

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