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Daily Madden: Don't Expect Longer PATs To Last In The NFL

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) - The NFL has banned dunking the football over the goal post cross bar after a TD, extended the height of the uprights, and will experiment with longer point after touchdowns.

"I don't think that thing is going to pass," John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew, referring to the trial to place the ball on the 20 yard line for PATs. "It was up to be put in (the rules) this year, and I think that failed, but they did decide to try it for two pre-season weeks."

The goal post uprights will be extended to 45 feet this season.

"The kickers keep getting them higher," John said. "There are times that it's really tough to tell whether it went through once it gets up over the goal post."

John said the no-dunking rule is the result of an incident last season.

"They get up there and they're hanging on it and just showing off," Madden said. "Tony Gonzalez did it for a long time, and then he gets out of the league and they put the rule in. It's not that big a thing, but they had a case last year where the goal post went cattywampus and it took like 20 minutes or so to get it straightened out." (6:25)

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