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Daily Madden: Are Baseball Rules Out-Of-Date Regarding Rain-Shortened Games?

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – It was a long and frustrating night for the San Francisco Giants and their fans, as after more than four hours, their game in Chicago was called after 4 ½ innings, resulting in a 2-0 victory for the Cubs.

The frustrating part was that the field was ruled unplayable because the grounds crew could not get the manual tarp fully in place, leaving large portions of the field soaked.

Daily Madden: Are Baseball Rules Out Of Date Regarding Rain-Shortened Games?

John Madden talked to the KCBS Morning Crew about what many consider antiquated rules for Major League Baseball. "I know it's the baseball rules, but it seems strange that they can't do something about finishing the game today, one way or another," Coach Madden said. "I know that they don't have it in writing, but someone ought to be able to come up and do what's right."

He said there needs to be more common sense, even if the rules are not necessarily written for each unique situation and Major League Baseball has to a better job of "righting wrongs."

"You don't always have to have the rule that specifically says that if the ground crew fouls it up, then you play it the next day," Madden said.

The Giants are likely to file a protest with MLB, but it would likely be denied.

Coach Madden also discussed the news regarding Brian Hoyer being named the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns over rookie Johnny Manziel.

Manziel's every move has been in the spotlight, ever since he was in college at Texas A&M and has continued with his early career in the NFL, and Madden said it is sure to continue if the Browns struggle and fans call for their first round pick to be named the starter.


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