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Daily Madden: 49ers Defense Can Quietly Set Tone In Seattle

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) - Seahawks fans, the loudest in the NFL, will be working hard to disrupt the 49ers offense in Sunday's NFC Championship game in Seattle. "We always talk about the crowd and how hard it is to play for the opponent," John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. "But the defense doesn't have that problem. There's no crowd noise when the defense is out there. That's where you can really set the tempo with aggressiveness and going after them and getting turnovers and doing all that. Because there's no excuse (on defense.)"

After lopsided losses in their last two games in Seattle, have the 49ers figured out a better way to communicate on offense? "You don't hear something, you miss a snap count, and you get off a little," John said. "That problem has to be solved. And then if they solve that problem where they can communicate in a shorter quicker way, then they can be aggressive... I think (the 49ers) can win. Arizona beat them up there and showed how to do it. Seattle is a bully team and you have to play them aggressive, and if you sit back they're going to get you... When the offense gets out there with the crowd noise and so on, that can be used as an excuse. But it's (only) an excuse if you don't solve the problem." (6:55)

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