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Artists Line Up For A Piece Of The Old Section Of The Bay Bridge As Part of New Arts Project

OAKLAND (KCBS)— People from as far away as New York want some of the old Bay Bridge steel. The question is how to sort through all the requests. A plan is in the works that would allow artists to use some of the steel from the under-demolition old eastern span of the Bay Bridge.

Bridge officials and the Oakland Museum of California are starting to develop plans for the public arts projects.

The museum's Executive Director Lori Fogarty said they are looking to facilitate a process that "enables outstanding public art projects and art works to be accomplished in the region."

Artists Line Up For A Piece Of The Under-Demolition Portion Of The Bay Bridge As Part of New Arts Project

Toll Bridge Program Manager Tony Anziano said even though the lead paint would be cleaned off the exterior of the steel, there would still be safety concerns.

"We really would need to make sure that there is extensive notice regarding the condition of the material potential hazards and risks and proper handling of the material," Anziano said.

As much as 200 tons of steel is expected to be used for Gateway Park, which is planned at the east end of the new bridge.

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