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Alien Con Celebrates Extraterrestrials, Sci Fi In Santa Clara

SANTA CLARA (CBS SF) -- Bay Area alien enthusiasts and sci-fi fans on Friday gathered for a close encounter of the third kind in the South Bay at the first ever Alien Con.

Alien Con salutes not only the popular History Channel show "Ancient Aliens," but also stands as a celebration of science fiction and popular culture.

Organizers decided to hold the first alien convention in Santa Clara of all places, just days before Halloween.

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"This is the first time that the fans get to interact with the people from 'Ancient Aliens,'" said Giorgio Tsoukalos, the host of the show. The show is now in its eleventh season on the History Channel.

They explore the theory that aliens have been visiting earth for millions of years, leaving behind evidence like the pyramids.

"The reason why we chose the Bay Area is Silicon Valley," said Tsoukalos. "And SETI, the institute for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, they're right down the street in Mountain View. So for me, it is very exciting to be here in the Bay Area to share this knowledge with the people here in Northern California."

About 10,000 people have registered to attend the weekend event.

Because it's the inaugural convention, exhibitors, like Enflux from Hayward, have no idea what to expect.

Enflux is pioneering virtual reality motion sensors placed in clothing. They're here looking for developers, users and good ideas.

You never know what you'll find at alien con.

KPIX 5 ran into Joel Gold, who sells health products made from the Moringa tree.

He says a spiritual channeler told him aliens long ago used Moringa to stay healthy.

"And they bathed in it and it protected them from illness that they had. Evidently, they went back to their planet, got the leaves and brought it back here to earth and bathed in it," said Gold. "It's all in my website,"

While tickets for Saturday are sold out, they are still available for Friday and Sunday. For more information on Alien Con, visit the event's official website.

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