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49ers Have Plenty Of Blame To Spread Around For Woeful Start

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- Man … did that bandwagon empty quickly or what?

Some 49er fans are making George Costanza running out of a burning building look slow. Did you knock over any old ladies on the way out?

Looks like you're laying the blame squarely on Kaepernick's shoulders too, huh? Low-hangin' fruit, if you ask me. By the way, the coach that made that quote a part of 49er folklore couldn't win with this football team.

The 49ers are exactly who they thought they would be. You don't lose that many Pro Bowl football players and say "next man up."  The loss of Mike Iupati and Anthony Davis was devastating. Davis missed most of last season, a contributing factor to the team's 8-8 finish. Throw in Willis, Borland, Gore, Aldon, Culliver and the rest of the bunch. Hell, even Andy Lee is terribly missed.

What did you honestly expect? Could Bill Belichick take this roster to the playoffs? This is not about who's on the team, it's about who is not.

Coaches like to dismiss questions about loss of personnel because they can't do anything about it. But the 49ers are a disaster because of concussions, because of free agency, because some players simply had enough and because management did little to replace the players, and the coach.

From 2012 through 2015, the 49ers number one picks were A.J. Jenkins, Eric Reid, Jimmie Ward, and Arik Armstead. That's on Trent Baalke. A far cry from his brilliant 2010 draft when he picked Anthony Davis, Mike Iupati and stole NaVorro Bowman in the third round. Jim Harbaugh walked into a gold mine. Tomsula got a bag full of pyrite.

Look, I'm not qualified to determine Tomsula's credentials to be a head coach. But did he ever stand a chance? Mike Singletary was given talent with which he could not produce results. Tomsula and his staff were forced to replace Pro Bowl football players with late-round draft picks, last-minute castoffs, and Joan in payroll.

What do you honestly expect?

Like his head coach, Colin Kaepernick doesn't stand a chance. Neither would Joe Montana. You don't create an offensive line by throwing on a red jersey. It's woefully porous. Sure, Kaepernick should have thrown balls away instead of throwing into the arms of opponents. Kaepernick was trying to shoulder of the load of inadequacy by doing too much. Instead he's shouldering the blame.

The 49ers can't rush the passer which makes their secondary look slower than molasses. Eric Mangini blizted the hell out of second-year quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and was called "Mangenius." He has paid the price against Rothlisberger, Palmer and, next week, Rodgers.

This whole mess is a combination of bad drafts, front office malaise and plain bad luck. It will soon be apparent that 2015 is a year in transition. Not good news for Jim Tomsula

See you on TV.

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