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UC Davis faced with civil rights complaint alleging antisemitism

UC Davis hit with civil rights complaint
UC Davis hit with civil rights complaint 02:11

DAVIS — A legal complaint filed against UC Davis alleges antisemitism in the classroom and out around campus.

Since the October 7 attacks, Jewish students and faculty have found a more hostile environment on the campus, and now, legal complaints have been filed against the university that threaten to get the Department of Education involved. 

UC Davis junior Gabe Gysinski has seen enough.

"It's definitely felt unsafe for a lot of people," he said. "I've had to walk some of my friends to some of their classes. 

In the wake of the October 7 attacks, he said that antisemitism has hit home at the university. 

"It's been mostly from students along with administrators and professors as well, [who] have all been issues in one way or another, and that's why we felt Title VI was necessary," Gysinski said.

On the basis of the allegation, the Stand With Us Center For Legal Justice filed a Title VI complaint.

"Stand With Us had written to Davis on a couple of occasions informing them about these problems and the antisemitism and how it was impacting students and others on campus," said Carly Gammill, the director of legal strategy.

Gammill continued, "Having received absolutely no response, a Title VI complaint effectively forces the hand."

UC Davis released a lengthy statement on Tuesday, saying:

"Campus leaders have been meeting with student leadership and reaching out to student groups to hear their specific concerns, discuss ways students can express themselves and seek opportunities to promote healing."

This comes after an American studies professor posted on X, formerly Twitter, threatening the killing of journalists with zionist beliefs.

Gammill said the concern is a mainstreaming of antisemitic beliefs.

"Somehow the powers that be -- intentionally or otherwise -- are hiding behind the idea of 'This is purely political,' " she said.

UC Davis Professor Barry Klein is mostly worried for his students.

"We shouldn't have to have police at all our events. Antisemitism should go away. There should be action taken from the administration to protect the Jewish students," Klein said.

Gysinski hopes that his community won't have to experience this anymore. 

"I just want the university to enforce the rules and regulations that they themselves have," he said.

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