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Stanislaus County Animal Agency needs help after over 100 dogs rescued from 2 Ceres homes

CERES - After two discoveries of hoarder houses and more than 100 dogs rescued, the Stanislaus County Animal Agency needs help. 

It's been a long week for the Stanislaus Animal Agency. 

"Nobody will be working 40 hours this week," said Vaugh Maurice, the executive director. "Our shelter holds comfortably 183 dogs. For periods of time, we can go over that but to have double in such a small period of time is really stressful."

The shelter is overrun after two calls that led to a rescue of over 120 dogs at two properties. At one property, 38 chihuahuas were rescued and at the other property, 86 dogs, a woman and a child were rescued

"We've had rescue groups step up. We've had lots of people come in offering to foster animals," Maurice said.

In the face of those odds community organizations have stepped up. 

"I was debating," said Alysee Walker. "I wanted to do something but I wasn't sure what."

Wag this Way is based out of Turlock and Walker is helping with grooming the rescue pets. 

"These were the smelliest dogs I have ever groomed in my career," Walker said. 

She also hopes to give the dogs some happiness.

"They were so sweet though," Walker said. "I really thought they would be more scared because they'd never done it before but they were so good."

While at the shelter, the hope is that homes and fosters will be found soon as investigations around the area continue. 

"They're looking for fosters," Walker said.

As investigations around the area continue.

"We've sent officers back out to the home to see if there are more that could've been missed," Maurice said.  

On Thursday, another call was placed about a house in the area that was suspected of hoarding more animals. The agency tells CBS13 that the call did not lead to a similar discovery. 

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