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Sacramento Victim's Family Shocked Haunted House Considered Using Serial Killer As Theme

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A haunted house is drawing criticism after organizers used scenes from a grisly, real-life crime to frighten customers.

CBS13 first heard about the haunted house on Auburn Boulevard in Sacramento when the family of one of the serial killer's victims contacted us.

The organizers changed the theme after we started asking questions, and they've apologized for using Richard Trenton Chase's killings as a theme.

Actor apologizes

For David Wallin, the idea of using the serial killer as a theme was a slap in the face.

One of the most disturbing murders involved Wallin's then-pregnant wife Teresa Wallin. Investigators say Chase broke into her home, brutally killed her, and her unborn baby.

"It was horrifying and the worst part of it is, I was the one that got home after a terrible day at work and found her, which was what I live with every day," he said.

"It's horrifying that everybody else somehow is making some kind of situation, money, whatever you want to call it, off of other people's grief," he said.

Chase was convicted of six violent murders in the span of a month in the late 1970s and was known as the vampire of Sacramento.

"You can directly tell that they are reenactments of each and every one of the murders," said David's daughter Krista. "Don't do it on a true story about this town, and what happened is one of the most horrible events this town has ever seen."

David Wallin says even after 36 years, his wife's murder still haunts him, and it doesn't need to haunt anyone else.

"He's lived through enough," Krista said. "He still lives through it every day, and for them to just reenact what happened, not only him but the families, its ridiculous."

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