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Ryder Lyons latest Folsom High School quarterback to hit the spotlight

Folsom High School heads to CIF state championship
Folsom High School heads to CIF state championship 01:39

FOLSOM — It is, at long last, state football championship weekend in California, and some Sacramento-area teams are headed down to Los Angeles.

Folsom High School has had its share of elite quarterbacks in its history, and it may have another.

Meet Ryder Lyons. He is the younger brother of USC Trojans tight end Walker Lyons.

"There's been a lot of well, good, amazing quarterbacks that come out of Folsom, which makes it cool for me," Ryder said.

The sophomore is primed to be a top recruit come 2026.

"It's encouraging," said Folsom Bulldogs head coach Paul Doherty. "You feel good about the process, and the kids got confidence in us and what we're doing and what we're teaching. We've got confidence in him, and we put a lot on his plate."

Ryder knows the process thanks to his brother.

"It helps immensely, seeing all that," he said. "I've done it all, and I don't need to redo a bunch of it."

With Trojan head coach Lincoln Riley in attendance, Ryder led Folsom to a NorCal title over Pittsburg last weekend.

"I'm just incredibly grateful for that, for this whole team, for everyone, for this whole community," the sophomore said. "I'm blessed."

Doherty said Ryder being a top recruit is good for the whole team.

"The fact that they can benefit from the recruiting of other kids, the trickle-down effect, so to speak, has been immense for us here," the coach said.

It continues a long-standing tradition of top Folsom quarterbacks that came before.

"I'm trying to impress them, do it for them, do it for the community, and do it for this team," Ryder said.

Former Folsom Bulldogs quarterback Jake Browning serves as the backup to Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow. Browning was recently in the spotlight when he took over the starting job for an injured Burrow and secured a big win over the Jacksonville Jaguars this week on Monday Night Football.

He was named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week for his performance – his first NFL award.

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