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Regional Transit Reshaping Operations, Image For Golden 1 Center Opening

SACRAMENTO (CBS) - The countdown is on to October 4, the first major event at the Golden 1 Center in Downtown Sacramento. Regional Transit is working to reshape their image and prepare for the more than 200 events that'll be taking place at the arena in the next year.

You only get one shot at a first impression.

"We believe great things get accomplished by the perfection of minor details," said Henry Li.

Li took over as Regional Transit CEO in June. The pressure is building for the department, which is still adjusting to the management change.

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"We have weekly or sometimes daily preparations to focus on every detail," said Li.

Additional security and staff have already been added to regular routes. It's part of Li's initiative to physically and literally clean up the light rail's image.

With the new arena comes the potential for new customers.

"Everyone at RT realizes the opportunity we have here to attract riders," said Jay Schenirer, District 5 Councilmember.

On October 4th, when the doors of the Golden One Center open for the first time, members of the transportation board say they'll be ready.

"We've certainly accelerated what we've been doing over the last few months and will continue to do so over the next 90 days or so," said Schenirer.

Details of the plan are laid out in a report scheduled to be presented to the transit board on Monday.

They'll add six trains on event nights. Train frequency will increase to every 7 to 10 minutes. And they plan to move people on and off the train cars within 2.5 minutes.

Li says they plan for 2,000 people but are prepared for much more.

"We would like to provide service up to 4,000," said Li.

Li continued saying the increased service will cost roughly 1.5 million dollars.

"We are confident we will get enough sponsorship to cover the costs," said Li. He hopes to have contracts signed in August.

"It will take the public a little bit to adapt," said Steve Hansen, District 4 Councilmember.

The arena is in his district. Hansen says there may be an adjustment for people living outside the downtown area who are not accustomed to riding the light rail.

"This is a new way to get here," said Hansen.

With roughly 90 thousand people coming into and out of the city each day, Hansen says he is confident in Regional Transit's plan.

"We can handle the 15,000 to 20,000 people that are coming for the arena because we do it every day."

Sacramento Regional Transit also plans to launch a website in August containing information for transportation on event nights.

The first event is a Paul McCartney Concert scheduled for October 4th, 2016.

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