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New laws now in effect in California in 2024

New laws now in effect in California
New laws now in effect in California 02:56

A new year means several new laws went into effect on Monday. 

A couple of laws jump out: Undocumented immigrants can now qualify for Medi-Cal, telehealth for pets is legal, and protecting reproductive rights

The results of a busy legislative session for the governor took effect, starting today. On the roads, new laws prohibiting car sales with catalytic converters without a vehicle identification number and making, altering or removing a VIN on a catalytic converter are misdemeanors. 

"This allows us...more tools during these investigations," said a CHP spokesperson. 

Another law prohibits people from parking within 20 feet of a crosswalk. 

"This is aimed at increasing visibility of pedestrians but also pedestrians approaching vehicles," the CHP officer said.

This year, undocumented immigrants will now be eligible for Medi-Cal, the state's medical insurance. The state's care courts were overhauled in October, but in December, Governor Gavin Newsom expressed frustration at a slow implementation. 

"People are dying on their watch," said Newsom. "People are literally losing their life and we can't waste another day."

Today, a shield law goes into effect protecting people seeking abortion or gender-affirming care from enforcement from other states that outlaw such things. You can now see your veterinarian via telehealth. The new law is aimed at saving money for pet owners. 

Statewide, the minimum wage has risen to $16 an hour and fast food workers will have theirs raised to $20 an hour.

There is a signed law, which prohibits carrying concealed weapons in public places such as parks or churches, that's facing a legal fight on the grounds that it infringes on Second Amendment rights."

Read more about laws that went into effect in the new year, here.

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