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Natomas woman says dog killed in attack at dog park: "My baby was only 2"

Sacramento area woman says her dog was killed in an attack at dog park
Sacramento area woman says her dog was killed in an attack at dog park 02:15

SACRAMENTO — A Natomas woman said the typical trip to the dog park ended in tragedy, with her pet being attacked and killed.

Deysia Mejia's dog was allegedly killed in Bannon Creek Dog Park, just off West El Camino, by a dog owned by a man that community members say is known to them.

Daniel Adelholt was one of those community members and said he witnessed what happened.

"I was in the dog park and his dog attacked," Adelholt said. "He lets go and his dog goes and attacks these dogs automatically. It's not the first time."

Mejia wanted to share her story.

"I just want justice and I want the community to know there is a danger," she said.

Mejia was sitting with her leashed dog at the park while the man allegedly let his dog off-leash. His face was blurred in the video above because Sacramento police said there was no criminal investigation.

"I didn't even have time to hold my baby and I was screaming asking for help from the owner and he was walking very slowly," Mejia said.

Sacramento police did respond to the call but referred Mejia to animal control, stating it was a civil matter. So she went to animal control and was met with a similar issue.

"I called them to make the report. They told me to contact the police," she said. "There is no report because they told me it wasn't a crime scene. Basically, I'm on my own."

Neighbors feel that this is a case that goes beyond a single freak occurrence.

Sacramento's animal services said in a statement:

"Any liabilities that occur between dogs at these parks are handled as civil matters, which animal control is not involved in."

Mejia wants more so no one has to suffer a loss like she suffered.

"There should be laws against what happened," Mejia said. "This person is a danger. They can go to any other dog park."

The park was open Wednesday, but community members say they will be thinking twice before heading there in the future.

"I'm just so scared, and I want justice for my dog," Mejia said. "This should've never happened. My baby was only two years old."

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