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Millions of Christmas lights on display as Imaginarium at Cal Expo opens for season

"Imaginarium" lights up Cal Expo
"Imaginarium" lights up Cal Expo 03:15

SACRAMENTO -- Sacramento's largest Christmas light show is open after weathering a few days of delays. 

Imaginarium at Cal Expo had to postpone its opening night for three days thanks to rain and wind in the forecast. 

Monday's opening on Nov. 20 was met with hundreds waiting to get a glimpse of the more than five million lights this year with the theme "Holiday Lights, Fairytale Delights." 

Exploring the displays of the exhibit feels like opening a storybook to a world of princesses, nutcrackers, dragons and even a new circus act this year. 

When kids were asked by CBS13 about their favorite displays, responses varied from the castles to the gingerbread men to the new candy tunnel. 

"We want to spend time with the family. I really love this, the garden, roses," said Rosa, a mother who brought her children. 

Other new additions this year include a Christmas kaleidoscope where you can experience lights in a new way and also a light maze to get lost in. 

As the bulbs light up the children's faces it's a parent's joy to see Christmas through the eyes of their child. 

"It's special. It's definitely special," said father Brandon Toliver. 

With each twist and turn there is a memory to be made. Exploring the Imaginarium represents more than a decade of Christmas tradition for some families. 

"The kids love the lights, I think that's their favorite part of Christmas, to be honest," said one mom with her two children. 

It's a taste of the holiday season turning Sacramento bright with holiday cheer through January 7th. 

Tickets for the event and more information about its offerings can be found online.

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