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Manteca Teen Advocates For Transgender Bill

MANTECA (CBS13) - A transgender Manteca teen has been advocating for the right to choose what sports teams to play on and what restroom he can use at his high school.

Ashton Lee, 16, delivered thousands of signatures to the Capitol Wednesday in an effort to change the way California schools treat transgender students.

"I was flabbergasted when I saw that so many people believe in this," said Ashton.

AB1266 is a glimmer of hope for 16-year-old Ashton Lee, who was born a girl.

"It'd be boys with the boys and girls with the girls," said Ashton.

If Gov. Jerry Brown signs the bill into law, it would allow transgender youth to use whatever gender bathroom or locker room they identify with. It would also make it possible for them to choose on what sports team they play on.

"It helps provide schools with guidance to help kids like Ashton so they benefit fully from education," said Ashton's mother.

She is supporting her son as he delivers the more than 6,000 signatures to the governor's office.

However, the Pacific Justice Institute says this bill supports a small group, while compromising the privacy of everyone else.

"What they don't need is the legislature to fit one size fits none kind of approach to the entire school system," a spokesperson said.

The Pacific Justice Institute has its own petitions, but has not sent them to the governor yet. After dropping his off Wednesday, Ashton seems confident.

"I'm really hopeful this is going to work and have a lot of faith in this," said Ashton.

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