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Man accused of yelling "white power" at Davis High Black student union float

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A Davis man is accused of yelling what could be interpreted as a racist remark at a black students' school float on Friday. 

During the Davis High School homecoming parade, an adult in the community allegedly shouted "white power" at students who were on the Black Student Union float, the district says. That statement has come to be used as a rallying cry for white supremacists.

In response, Davis Unified School District Superintendent Matt Best condemned the act and issued this statement on behalf of the district: 

"DJUSD staff and the Board of Education condemn the offensive and racist language targeted at our students. What is sometimes a classroom conversation about racial inequities in U.S. history once again revealed its ugly presence in Davis. We are heartened by the quick condemnation of the words by our community members and students. 

"We are committed to serving and supporting our Black and African American students, and the DSHS Black Student Union, as well as all students and community members targeted by such language. We will always strive to root out the systemic and structural aspects of racism that persist in society's institutions, including education.

"DJUSD will continue to combat racism wherever and whenever it occurs. Expressions of hate like this are an attack on our entire community. We hope you will continue to partner with us to ensure that this is a community that values diversity and where everyone belongs."

On August 30, a group of four men wearing black clothing put up banners with racist and anti-Semitic language over Highway 113. It was the second time an incident of this kind had happened in Davis. 

In 2018, someone left flyers on campus blaming Jewish people for having an anti-white agenda.

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