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Kick Off Golf Season With E.S.P.'s Spring Golf Guide

Kick off golf season with these golf essentials for spring, brought to you by CBS Local’s Eat See Play.

For as long as men have been exercising, even more men have been looking for excuses to not exercise or, better yet, convince themselves that whatever mild exertion of energy they experience qualifies as a workout. So while the long-awaited return of spring provides us with fewer reasons to stay indoors, the arrival of golf season allows us once again to take a long walk, drink a few beers, swing our arms once in a while and call it exercise. In that spirit, E.S.P. proudly presents a few items to make your time on the links even more enjoyable. Hit ‘em long, hit ‘em straight.

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Freakin’ Lasers
Callaway Razr Laser Rangefinder
Price: $249.95

For many golfers, the strategy on the first couple of shots on each hole is simply to whack the ball as hard as we can. Of course for the more seasoned golfer, there’s slightly more strategy that goes into each shot – most importantly, how far to hit the ball. Since light, hills and that fourth beer can all make estimating how far away the hole is a little difficult, the Callaway Razr Laser Rangefinder is just what the doctor ordered. Among the more affordable range finders on the market, the compact, backlit Razr is able to distance targets up to 600 yards away with .1-yard increment readings.

Get the Callaway Razr Laser Rangefinder here.

Mr. Mojo Risin’
Nike Mojo 2-Dozen Golf Balls
Price: $25.68

We spend plenty of time obsessing over our clubs, our gloves, and especially our golf outfits. But for some reason, we treat our golf balls like they’re a dime a dozen. It turns out not all balls are created equal (stop laughing), something you may not believe until you try out the Mojo Golf Balls from Nike. A powerful core and alignment aid help you straighten out your drives, while a soft cover makes each ball ideal around the greens. On the down side, now you’re going to have to find another excuse for your next double-bogey.

Get the Nike Mojo Golf Balls here.

There’s An App For That
GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer
Price: $74.28

We use apps to challenge friends in word games, we use apps to let people know what we’re eating, and we even use apps to create new apps. So it’s probably about time to use an app for something productive. Bringing modern technology to a centuries-old game, the GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer is the swing-improving tool that lets you be your own instructor. Just attach the analyzer to your golf glove and download the free app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, and you’ll instantly have access to 3D swing data including your swing plane, club path, backswing and follow-through. Compare your swing to PGA pros, your friends and your own past swings, and improve your game through one simple app.

Get the GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer here.

Don’t Sweat It
Nike Full Zip Golf Sweater
Price: $150.00

When selecting proper golfing duds, it’s best to avoid looking like an argyle-clad caricature or a dressed-down dweeb. Look cool and classic when hitting the links by sporting Nike’s Full Zip Golf Sweater, a sleek and well-fitted zip-up made with a soft wool blend and raglan sleeves that allow for great arm mobility. The lightweight yet stylish designkeeps you warm during a chilly day on the course while still offering enough range of motion to swing, putt and drive to a low score.

Get Nike’s Full Zip Golf Sweater here.

Links & Drinks
The Drink Dispensing Driver
Price: $89.95

When your score card’s full of bogeys and sand traps are emitting a gravitational force, you might be tempted to call it a day and head to the club bar. Instead, turn your clubs into a bar with the Drink Dispensing Driver from Hammacher Schlemmer. Despite looking like a typical driver (to maintain proper course etiquette), it actually dispenses 1 oz. pours from a spout in the club head with the touch of a button. Connected inconspicuously to an insulated cooler, it holds up to 54 oz. and keeps liquids cool for up to five hours...and you pleasantly hydrated for even longer.

Get the Drink Dispensing Driver here.

Easy Ryder
2014 Ryder Cup Etched Glasses
Price: $49.95

Most golfers agree: The perfect end to a long day on the links is relaxing in an oversized armchair with a few fingers of scotch. Retire in style while keeping your mind on the game with a set of four 2014 Ryder Cup etched glasses. A memento of the heralded games taking place this fall, each 12.5 oz. glass features etched detailing of the 2014 Ryder Cup logo and is an officially licensed PGA product. You may not make it to Gleneagles to watch the greatest golfers from Europe and the United States battle it out, but with these glasses, you can at least pretend.

Get the 2014 Ryder Cup Etched Glasses here.

By Jesse Husid and Arielle Sachar
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