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Giants On List Of Teams Interested In Athletics' Josh Reddick

The Oakland Athletics are sure to be sellers before July 31st trade deadline and Josh Reddick may be the first big name from the team shipped out.

Oakland and Reddick have been working on a contract extension for the former gold glove right fielder, but there hasn't been much progress.

Reddick was hurt for a good portion of the season, but he's currently batting .293 with six home runs and 24 RBI.

A handful of teams have already shown interest in Reddick.

His above average fielding, with the power he provides at the plate, could make him a valuable piece for any team in a playoff race.

Here are three teams Reddick might end up with before this week is over.

1. Chicago Cubs

The Cubs have already made one big splash by trading for Aroldis Chapman. The team gave up its number one prospect to the New York Yankees, but the Cubs entire organization is loaded with prospects.

The Athletics wouldn't get the same return for Reddick as the Yankees did for Chapman, however, Oakland could ask for a couple of lower ranked prospects in the trade.

The Cubs and Athletics made a trade earlier in the season when Oakland sent Chris Coghlan to Chicago for Arismendy Alcantara.

Chicago's outfield depth has been lacking all season after left fielder Kyle Schwarber suffered a season ending knee injury.

Acquiring Reddick would add some stability and keep Ben Zobrist and Kris Bryant at their infield positions.

2. San Francisco Giants

The Giants have been hit with injury after injury after injury. They haven't had much luck keeping its best players healthy.

With Hunter Pence on the disabled list for most of the season, adding Reddick would give the Giants a quality starting outfielder and extra depth until Pence returns.

San Francisco's biggest need is in the rotation and bullpen, but the injuries on the offensive side may be an area of concern for the front office.

The Los Angeles Dodgers could also be interested in Reddick, which would be another reason for the Giants to work out a deal with the Athletics.

3. Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles are trying to hold off the Boston Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays in the American League East. They currently have 2.5 game lead over the second place Sox.

If Baltimore acquired Reddick, it wouldn't be so much for his power potential at the plate, but for his gold glove caliber defense.

The Orioles hit home runs like there is no tomorrow, but the team's defense in the outfield is a struggle.

Of course, they would love any type of production at the plate Reddick could provide, but his range and strong arm would be the most intriguing reason to make the trade with Oakland.





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