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"Furries" with satanic symbols spotted near Sacramento County elementary school, parents say

"Furries" with satanic symbols seen near elementary school in Sacramento area, parents say
"Furries" with satanic symbols seen near elementary school in Sacramento area, parents say 02:10

ANTELOPE — Parents in one Sacramento County community are on alert after what they say are costumed individuals -- known as furries -- adorned with satanic symbols arriving at a park next to an elementary school when children are getting out.

On a quiet afternoon in Antelope's Firestone Park, Kris Williams said that around the end of school is where the problems start.

"This whole week, I've given up everything I have to do," Williams said. "The principal didn't get back to me and other parents."

This past week, furries have been arriving at Firestone Park, which sits next to Olive Grove Elementary School.

"They're causing trouble, making their TikTok videos, filming their arguments from parents who don't want them here," Williams said.

Williams was concerned about the uncertainty of the specific identities of the individuals.

"They have the satanic pentagrams and the fact that we don't know who they are," he said.

His concern was further amplified when he was shown a suggestive TikTok of one of the costumed personas. Williams said the video is of a costumed persona shooting a room up and turning the gun on herself.

Another parent who wanted to remain anonymous expressed worry over the individuals arriving during a time of day when most young children were out at the park.

Dry Creek Elementary School District said in a statement:

"We are aware of the costumed individuals, commonly referred to as furries, being spotted at parks near two of our schools," and "The furries are not breaking any laws by being dressed up in a public park. These parks are not part of the school grounds."

Thursday afternoon, one was spotted on campus and law enforcement was called. The individual left campus but could be seen on the other side of the park later.

Williams echoed the concern of other parents CBS13 spoke to.

"I understand there's not technically laws being broken, but it is alarming seeing the video and knowing the state of things," he said.

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office said they have not received any calls of service in the vicinity of Firestone Park but the Dry Creek Elementary School District said their resource officers are contracted through the department.

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