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Sacramento sees flooded streets, sinkhole as storm brings rain and wind

Storm leads to flooded streets, sinkhole in Sacramento
Storm leads to flooded streets, sinkhole in Sacramento 02:53

SACRAMENTO – A severe storm has been creating some chaos across Northern California on Monday.

Some residents living along Theo Way in Sacramento's Land Park neighborhood woke up to a sinkhole in the street.

"We woke up and there was a big hole and I think, 'Did somebody bomb it or a tree had fallen down or something?" one resident said.

The resident added, "It was pretty deep and it was pretty scary. I thought maybe there'd be a car down there."

No cars plunged into the underground storm drainage pipe that crews found a hole in. They had to shore it up with rocks and dirt after moving in with a camera underground.

Sacramento city crews told CBS13 the emergency calls have been nonstop for them. They plan to replace the 40-foot pipe later this week once they get clearance from the other utilities underground.

"We've been here since 1960, so we have been here for quite a while and we've never had anything like this happen," the Theo Way resident said.

Rushing waters on the road trapped a car on Kiefer Boulevard off of Jackson Road in Sacramento. CBS13 was out there as first responders safely rescued the two people inside the car who were on their way to work.

"If it was a little flooded I would have done it, but that is a lake," said Taylor Lands who went to check out the street with his wife and two girls.

He was coming from Valley Springs and trying to get to Folsom, but he had to reroute his family. He was already facing damage from the storms at their home.

"Our trampoline flew. Our neighbor's trampoline flew," Lands said. "We live on about eight acres, so our chicken coop was down."

His daughter's playhouse was also no match for the 40-50-mile-per-hour wind gusts.

"It flew away and then our swing set kind of broke," one of Lands' daughters said. The other added that "it popped."

The wind cut across Northern California cutting across from the coast to the foothills. It even zapped power in some spots in Sacramento like along Grant Line Road.

The intensity of the storm system was so severe, that the possibility of thunderstorms and tornadoes in Northern California was even on the table.

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