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Denair Senior Makes History As School's First Transgender Cheerleader

DENAIR (CBS13) — A high-school cheerleader is making history just by putting on the team uniform.

The Denair High School senior is the city's first transgender cheerleader.

Anry Fuentes was tired of being a spectator.

"I did try out last year; I didn't make it," she said. "I feel like I didn't work as hard last year as I did this year."

Her hard work paid off as she made the team's varsity cheerleading squad. But soon after, she made a decision that would also make history in Denair.

"I wasn't sure if I wanted to be under the lights in a skirt, you know? But then I finally decided, no, I want to wear the girl uniform," she said.

Born Henry, Fuentes says she always felt like a girl and would wear female clothes, but she officially started living as a girl this year.

"I've gone to school here since second grade and most of the girls on the squad have been here their whole lives too. So it's kind of hard, like 'Oh Henry.' Physically, I'm a boy in a skirt," she sai.

Denair Unified School District Superintendent Aaron Rosander says it wasn't an issue to get the uniform she wanted.

"We're going to do what it takes to make sure our students are fully supported here in Denair," he said.

Fuentes says her team and classmates support her, and she feels comfortable cheering in front of her school. She does admit feeling uneasy traveling with the team to other schools.

"I get sometimes a little nervous, because they're not people I see every Friday, you know," she said.

But she doesn't let her fears stop her from finally living her dream, and she would never let down her team.

"I'm going to jump whether I feel good or not, because I'm a cheerleader. haha," she said.

Fuentes says she'd like to continue cheering for a college team next year when she attends junior college.

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