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Coronavirus Hygiene Heroes: West Sacramento Company Helps Sanitize Businesses

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — West Sacramento-based company, Enviro-Masters, is using a powerful sanitizing spray to help rid essential businesses of the coronavirus.

The company says their "virus vaporizer" can kill nearly 50 known germs, including coronavirus, and is being used inside grocery stores, police departments, restaurants, and other essential businesses.

Here's how it works: The imparts puts a positive charge onto a negative surface, like a doorknob or cash register, and acts as a magnet. The spray cleans not only what it lands on, but also creeps into the crevices of just about anything.

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"They kill at least 47 known germs viruses including hepatitis, MRSA, flu germs including coronavirus. The active ingredients in the chemical are EPA registered, they're food-safe," Harminder Sehmi with Enviro-Master Services said.

The spray is 99% effective, but coronavirus can be re-introduced to a surface once it's been sprayed. So, in order to keep essential businesses clean, the spray must be reapplied often.

"Particularly now in cases of high usage, we're spraying two to three times a week," Sehmi said.

The company, Enviro-Master, services commercial businesses only and is currently using the virus vaporizer across the United States as well as in Canada.

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