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Carmichael residents on edge after deadly attack on longtime resident

Carmichael residents on-edge after deadly attack on longtime resident
Carmichael residents on edge after deadly attack on longtime resident 01:59

CARMICHAEL — The family of a man killed outside of his home in Carmichael is speaking out. 

Seventy-four-year-old James Raleigh was attacked by a homeless man throwing rocks at his home Wednesday evening. When Raleigh went to investigate the noise, 54-year-old Darin Chastain attacked him, police say. Neighbors called the police and Chastain was arrested soon after. Raleigh was transported to the hospital, where he later died.

Some residents tell CBS13 that they're concerned this attack stems from a rising homeless population in Carmichael. 

Mary Hoy, a longtime Carmichael resident, fears crime will go up. 

"I do hear a lot about people trying to break into cars," she said.

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office says there is an increase in homelessness across the county, but they are reminding people that the majority of homeless people are not violent.

But for Hoy, the older demographic in the area makes the possibility of crime that much more concerning.

"Yes, I'm concerned. It's a city that has more old folks than most," Hoy said.

The family of James Raleigh put out this statement Friday afternoon. 

"On behalf of our family, we are devastated and mourning the tragic and senseless loss of our husband, father, and grandfather, James Raleigh. James grew up and was raised in the Carmichael community, which he loved and called home his entire life. James was a pillar of the community and focused his life on building strong friendships in all of the lives he touched. We have watched as Carmichael has changed into a place that is no longer safe. Our loss just further highlights a growing problem in the community. The show of love and support from his friends have deeply touched our family. Thank you to all who have expressed their condolences. James will forever be missed, but most importantly, loved."

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